Mailbox Cover

One size fits most


Shower Curtains

One size fits most



One size fits most



5'x3' with 1" Canvas Header and Grommets


General Information


Preventive maintenance will make your flag or banner last much longer. When an edge begins to fray, take it down and repair it. A torn flag that is left flying can become irreparable if left flying in bad weather conditions. Rotating your flags, allowing fibers to “rest”, will make them last much longer. The Flag Factory has a flag repair service, however a home sewer can usually repair the flag or banner.


Please put all orders in writing. Order acceptance constitutes agreement to Flag Factory’s terms. Please check your acknowledgments. Stock designs are subject to change without notice. Actual fabric colors may vary slightly from that shown. For updates and specials contact your customer service representative.


Net 30 days with D&B rating or two approved references. Else... credit card or check with order.

Packing & Delivery

All stock designs are folded and individually packed flat in bags with headers for display. Packing on custom orders can be customized to fit your display requirements. Banners are rolled and individually sleeved. FOB Pageland, SC. We can drop ship.




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